Craft. Bath. Relax. 

DIY Kits are here!!  know we will be able to get together again soon but in meantime you can bring the Lather + Foam workshop to you!! Our kits are created with the same top quality ingredients you have enjoyed using at our workshops. I included as much as I could to make the experience feel the same:) 

Make you very own batch of bath bombs in the comfort of your own home. Each kits includes everything you will need to make at least 7 bath bombs in the fragrance and color of your choice! 

You will receive top quality, cosmetic grade ingredients along with your very own metal bath bomb mold, glass spray bottle, glass droppers, apron and gloves. Also included is a direction card to help you through each step. 

Below you will select 1 fragrance, 1 color and 1 topping to be added to your kit.
All of these are optional. Customize your kit to your individual needs.

This kit will produce at least 8 - 4 Oz Bath Bombs 

Ingredients Included:
Baking Soda
Cream of Tartar
Citric Acid
Kaolin Clay
Witch Hazel
Grapeseed Oil
Soap Color (mica mixed with glycerin)
Premium grade fragrance oil/essential oil 

Supplies included:
1- 2.5” Bath Bomb Mold (2 pieces)
1- Mini Spray Bottle
2- 1 ml Amber Glass Bottles with dropper
1- Apron
1- Pair of Nitrile Gloves
1- Direction Card

Supplies Needed-
1- Large Mixing Bowl
Tablecloth for your work space
Box to store your bath bombs

DIY Bath Bomb Kit